The easiest thing to understand about death is the hardest to accept

Self-described “button gal” Hatty Mitchum has left the gang life to be a self-made killer for hire

Photo: Pexels on Pixabay

One office worker finds a strange, new addiction: time

Illustration: Cdd20

An author is only as good as how they treat their readers

Photo: Gantas Vaičiulėnas

Time-traveling is the crime. Death is the sentence.

Illustration: geralt

For two snack food conglomerates, corporate espionage isn’t just sickly-sweet. It’s deadly.

Illustration: Cdd20

Madness is a new home with old sins

Photo by ArtTower

Once in a while, rest your fingers and let your brain do the heavy lifting

Photo by Khoa Võ on Pexels

Not all nightmares end when morning comes

Photo: Enrique Meseguer

Satellite-squatting isn’t what it used to be

Photo: PIRO4D

K.A. Liedel

Writing and trying.

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